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Magic Island


We proudly announce the comeback of the creators of Soul2Soul Ibiza, now back in Ibiza.
With the name of Unique Entertainment we are now presenting the new project as a unique
experience of club events, fashion events, restaurant events, beach club events, boat party
events, hotel events, concierge services, VIP assistance, real estate rentals, boat rentals, tour
operator services and much more.
Unique Entertainment represents a unique fun factor that guides people from all over the
world through an amazing offer of unique activities. Within the last 10 years we created
great cooperations in Ibiza which give us the opportunity to offer almost everything you
need, to make your vacation a high end unique fun experience.
We created various events like Soul2Soul Ibiza, Esta Loca Latina, Unique Explicit Content
Edition, Miraval Nights, Chickeria, Rameli, Sushitaria…etc. .
We can get you anything you need. Nothing is impossible in Ibiza.

“And what happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza.”

Based on passion we can proudly say that we made our hobby a business.
Your happiness is our satisfaction and goal to reach.

Unique Entertainment
-we make the arrangement-
-It’s all possible-

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